You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer

Number 4 on Google’s list is, ‘You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer’. In our increasingly mobile world this certainly seems to be the case. Technological advancements in mobile devices have given us the ability to access information from anywhere. This has also resulted in a more mobile workforce, with professions becoming less strict on confining employees to working in an office space.

Many people can now answer any questions they have remotely from a quick search on their smartphone or tablet. Mobile devices are also becoming increasingly popular for use in business, for example, checking emails and video conferencing.

In a recent Sydney Morning Herald article, it was claimed that we are all addicted to our mobiles. We have become dependant on these devices to facilitate our day-to-day lives, conduct business transactions and feel connected to one another.

According to this article, “thirty years ago this month, the very first phone call was made on Australia’s first public mobile network, built by Telecom and then Telstra. That call was made on a car phone system, which weighed 14kg and had a 45cm handset”.

How times have changed…

Today, most people have the ability to work away from their offices because of the accessible nature and mass usage of these ever-changing technologies.

A recent market research report on mobile workforces, by the Insight Research Corporation, supports this argument.

The study found that, “as enterprises expand their customer service, the next generation of wireless products and services must be able to support an expanded mobile workforce…many of the big-ticket technological and regulatory limitations that a few years ago may have made widespread mobility unrealistic are now gone”

Club Rose Bay General Manager, Paul Hardiman, agrees that technology has given him the ability to operate his business remotely.

“I can remotely access any information I need using my Iphone, Ipad or Laptop… including the Server, gaming machines, member databases, banking transactions, communicate with wine reps and even access our stock lists”, Mr. Hardiman said.

Glenn Chiofalo, Graphic Designer and Warehouse Manager for Manzoni, a leather accessories company, agrees that technology has dramatically changed the way the business operates.

“Every staff member here has an Ipad and I would confidently say most people would use them everyday for pick packing in the warehouse and taking orders at tradeshows. In this line of work, you very rarely need to sit at a desk to get things done”, Mr. Chiofalo said.

Mobile technologies and the increasingly mobile workforce work hand in hand to ensure that we no longer need to be at our desks to find an answer.

Check out the Sydney Morning Herald’s, ‘Evolution of Mobile Phones’ here….


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